Scratch beneath the surface and let’s see what’s what.

Feature one

You want to plant a tree somewhere in your yard. You want to keep your trees looking healthy and are worried about one in particular. You’re concerned about a branch that overhangs your deck. Ludy Tree Care can help.

Feature two

With Ludy Consulting Services, you’ll get advice on selecting a tree which is right for your particular site. You’ll learn how to feed the soil which is essential to maintaining healthy plants. Treatments which will help aerate the soil and encourage root growth. We’ll show you where the addition of metal cables can offer extra support during wind or ice storms. We’ll verify whether you, indeed, have a bark beetle problem. But that’s not all.

Feature three

It takes an experienced eye to gauge the health of a tree. With over thirty years experience in the Chapel Hill, Durham, Fearrington, Hillsborough and Pittsboro area, Ludy Tree Care can help you figure out what tree services are necessary. And which ones aren’t.