Our roots run deep here.

Removing trees that are trouble safely takes an experienced eye and a team of sure hands. With over thirty years of experience in the Chapel Hill, Durham, Fearrington, Hillsborough and Pittsboro area, you’ll come to know our team as a group of guys that know how to get tree removals done right in the safest, most timely manner possible.

Of course, any time you get falling limbs, dead trees and tree climbers fifty feet off the ground using chain saws, no matter how experienced everybody is, safety continues to be of paramount importance. Even then, unexpected events happen. That’s why we carry liability insurance to cover any property damage and also worker’s compensation coverage to cover any employee injury or lost wages. Be sure to ask for your copy of our insurance certificate. We’ll have our insurance agent promptly email it to you. It’s for your protection.

  • Tree removal
  • Stump grinding
  • Storm clean up

Unlike most tree roots in this area that only go about a foot deep, our roots run deeper. By removing unsafe trees, your home is safer. And so is your family.